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Shaun's Everest Trek Charity Challenge

Shaun has accepted the extraordinary challenge of climb to the Everest Base Camp on November 13th till 30th is to help raise funds towards treatment for our colleague Berni who is bravely battling cancer. Any money raised will go directly to fund expensive treatment to help Berni.

The first giant hurdle isn't the 130km hike, but the plane journey into Lukla Airport, which has been nominated the most dangerous airport in the world. One end of the runway has an angled drop of about 2000 feet, the other end has a cliff face, so there is no room for error.

Everest Base Camp 1
Everest Base Camp 2
Everest Base Camp 5
Everest Base Camp 4
Everest Base Camp 3
Everest Base Camp 6

The next step is to acclimatise to the 9000 feet above sea level altitude. After that comes the 8 to 10 day hike to base camp. To donate please click on the hyperlink below:

We will be posting pictures of Shaun's adventure once he returns.

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